What is a gift card

A gift card (also called gift token or gift certificate) is a prepaid card. It stores a certain amount of money on the card and is issued by a banking institution or a retailer. It is used as an alternative to cash purchases for a specific store or a specific nature of business

A gift card is quite similar to the basic structure of a debit card but they both differ greatly in the functionality.Even the ability to swipe both up at Visa terminals often gets people confused. While they might sound same due to the fact that cash can be loaded onto them, they actually are quite different technically

A debit card works as a rechargeable card that can be loaded with funds every time you run out. You can use them at any Visa terminal and can purchase any item that you want to. However gift cards do not offer this privilege. With a gift card, it is possible that it might only work at a specific outlet, or a specific business, or for specific purchases. In addition, gift-cards are intended for one time usage and hence possess no recharge option. Also, these cards cannot be redeemed for cash purposes

There are a number of different gift card options available in the market. They can serve as a help for obtaining discount. They can also be gifted to your loved ones where making a gift selection is becoming difficult. Read out the different types of cards you can gain access to

iTunes Gift Card

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One of the most popular and pioneer platform in the Digital world is iTunes.There’s a wide collection of exclusive and popular songs, albums, audiobooks, videos and games on the iTunes store. The iTunes Gift Card (Certificate) can be used for purchasing any of the above listed content. These cards are solely meant for purchases over iTunes. These might allow you a discount or you can get an app or a song free with iTunes Card.However, these cards are not designed for purchasing any Apple product

Apple Gift Card

Our readers might be a bit confused about the iTunes Card policy disallowing Apple Store purchases.While iTunes Card is designed for iTunes Purchases Apple hasn’t forgotten its customers. Apple also has an Apple Gift Card which is specially designed for purchases of Apple products from the Apple Store.The card has the same benefits of any other card with the only restriction that it can be used to purchase Apple hardware or products

Google Play Gift Card

google play gift card

Google competes with Apple on the technological front with its Mobiles and other services. Besides that, Google also competes with apple on the marketing front. Following the suite set by many different suppliers, and retailers, google issued a Gift Card as well.This Gift Card is known as the Google Play Gift Card.It serves the same function for the Android Users. Like iTunes  Card is for purchases in the Apple iTunes store. The Google Play  Card can be used for purchases in the Google PlayStore for purchasing apps

PlayStation Gift Card

gift card

The PlayStation Gift Card, more commonly known as the PSN Gift Card is Sony’s run at the gift cards campaign. While PlayStation does not provide the option to gift a game to someone, this card can serve the same purpose. The PSN  Card is designed to provide the same service. These cards can be gifted to someone and can be used to purchase a Game worth the amount of the Card. The PlayStation Store Card can be used for purchasing downloadable games. It can also be used to purchase game add-ons, movies, TV Shows and other content that is viewable via PS

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